Legislative and Political

As your representative in Washington, the TWU works to ensure our members have their voices heard in the halls of Congress, with federal regulatory agencies, and at the White House on the critical issues facing working people today: job security, transportation and infrastructure funding, and more. We keep close watch on the national political agenda to monitor for any legislative attacks on your right to a voice on the job.

Click here to read: White House Releases State-by-State Fact Sheets to Highlight Nationwide Need for the American Jobs Plan

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TWU State Conferences are a way for all TWU locals in a region to come together to support a common agenda. At State Conference meetings locals pool resources, strategize and take on joint campaigns. Since first convened, the State Conferences have won critical battles and developed strong community and political ties across the country. Follow them on Flickr here!

The State Conferences are also involved with TWU’s International Campaign Unit (ICU) which helps execute strategic organizing, contract, and political campaigns, working across every division, every local, and every region. Find out more about the ICU.


Every election is an important opportunity for working people to make their voices heard. From the presidential contest every four years to state and locals races all the way down the ballot, TWU is here to educate our members on the issues that matter most to working people.

Check back here often for ways to stay involved, opportunities to volunteer, and news from candidates and campaigns that TWU supports. Democracy is not a spectator sport—take action and vote!

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Am I registered to vote? If not, how can I, and when is my state’s deadline? Where is my polling location?

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We can’t change outcomes unless we vote, and we can’t vote unless we’re registered. Our ongoing goal is to register at least 80 percent of all TWU members to vote. How can you help? Locals and State Conferences have lists of unregistered voters and are working to get members registered.

Questions? Contact the Government Affairs department at (202) 719-3870.