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The TWU is on the front lines of moving the American economy forward, keeping the traveling public safe and offering working people a voice.


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The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) is a labor union founded in 1934. We work to aggressively defend the livelihoods of our members.


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The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), AFL-CIO represents more than 150,000 members across the airline, railroad, transit, universities, utilities, and services sectors in the United States.

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Amtrak Reforms

Amtrak Reforms

Amtrak has been plagued by funding and process issues that have severely hampered the railroad’s performance. In order to better connect people to the places they want to go, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and restore passenger rail in the U.S., we must fully fund and reform Amtrak.

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Toxic Cabin Air Letter Campaign

You may have seen several stories about diverted aircraft from all airline carriers in the U.S. And abroad in the news recently because “toxic fumes.” The TWU has launched a letter campaign, calling on elected officials to support the Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019. The bill is the first step to ensuring our cabin air is healthy…

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Electric Bus Fleet

Fleet Electrification

Over the next century, as the entire transportation sector seeks to reduce our carbon footprint, zero-emission vehicles will take on more prominent role, starting by electrifying the bus fleet. Creating a pro-worker, pro-rider transition to electric buses will require Congress to act carefully and with a jobs-first approach.

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