Find Your State Conference

TWU State Conferences are a way for all TWU locals in a region to come together to support a common agenda. At State Conference meetings, locals pool resources, strategize, and take on joint campaigns.

Talk to your local union about the State Conference’s TWU agenda for your state or region and join in its campaigns. Many TWU locals represent members nationwide, so locals with a headquarters outside the indicated geographic area below may have members active in that area’s State Conference campaigns.

Chair: Klarissa Principe, Local 577   
Co-Chair: Bunny Flynn, Local 555

Chair: Matthew Hettich,
Local 556
Co-Chair: Chris Avila,
Local 555

Chair: Damion West   


Chair: Jeffrey Mitchell,
Local 291
Co-Chair: Susan Johnson,
Local 556

Chair: Benyoel Morgan,
Local 527
Co-Chair: Yolanda Brown,
Local 239

Chair: Willie Brown, Local 234
Co-Chair: Craig Holmes, Local 290


National Director: Terry Daniels


Texas Chair: Jose Cruz,
Local 260
Oklahoma Chair: D’Ann Johnson,
Local 514


NY Chair: Angelo Cucuzza,
Local 501
NY Co-Chair: Patrick Flannery,
Local 2001
NJ Chair: Steve Hamm,
Local 229



Chair – Andrew J. Jordan,
Local 208
Co-Chair – Mike Paragios,
Local 2019