Apply for the Quill Scholarship

The union has been honoring our founder with these scholarships since 1969. Quill Scholarship awards have benefited hundreds of TWU families. Children of our members in transit, railroad and air transportation, utilities, public employment, space installations, and allied industries are among those who began their college educations with the help of  the TWU’s signature scholarship.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2021 Michael J. Quill Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will offer fifteen (15) college-bound dependents of TWU members a scholarship worth $4,800.00. This scholarship will be paid out, each year in the amount of $1,200.00 to winners who continue to be eligible over their four (4) year course.

We are also grateful to again have four additional scholarship contributors:
• Union Benefit Planners
• M3 Technology
• Pitta LLP
• Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC

All of the above sponsored scholarships will be paid out in the first year, as a single scholarship.

Please click HERE  for an application.

The deadline for all applications will be April 26, 2021; no applications postmarked after this date will be accepted. No applications will be accepted by fax or email – there will be no exceptions. Winners of the scholarships will be determined by a public drawing, to be held in May. Winners will be notified by mail 5 – 7 days thereafter.

For scholarship rules click HERE

For Official Application click HERE

NOTE: The Quill Scholarship is only available to current high school seniors. If your child is not currently in their senior year of high school, they are not eligible to apply. There are no exceptions.

Please check with your local for additional scholarships that may be available to other students.


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