Air Division

Shirley Duff


Shirley has been on staff with the Air Division since 2019. Shirley was an alternate station representative for Local 555 in Orlando, Fl, and She left the stations to work in the Local Union office in Dallas, TX, as the Office Manager.

Shirley when to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, for her Associate in Accounting. Before completing her degrees, she joins the US Army, where her MOS was Finance. At the end of her military tour, she returned to school to complete her Associate Degree at Augusta Technical College.

Shirley starts her airline career with US Airway Express in Augusta, GA, 1998 – 1999. She left there to join Southwest Airlines in Indianapolis, IN, where she joined the National Guards on Fort Benjamin in the Finance Department, servicing just one year.

Shirley was trained and knowledgeable in Organizing, Grievance Procedures, and Shop Steward training.

Shirley was born in Chicago, Ill and raised in Three Rivers, MI, and currently resides in Augusta, GA


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