Air Division

Andre Sutton


In 2017, Andre was elected as an International Vice President in the TWU Air Division and International Staff. Along with being the Air Division Director, he also currently serves as President of Local 502 based in Los Angeles, California. Andre is a member of the Human and Civil Rights Committee and is a Veteran of the United States Army. Andre has been a member of the TWU for 35 years and served as a Union representative for 19 years, holding different positions along the way.

Andre entered the Airline Industry in the mid-eighties at American Airlines while still serving in the US Army in Northern California. He was based in San Jose California with AA as a Fleet Service Clerk and stationed at Ft Ord California as a Staff Sergeant. After performing these dual roles for several years, in the mid-nineties he transitioned into the airline industry fulltime and officially left the country’s military after 13 years. He became a Fleet Service Crew Chief and worked in several stations across the country from South Florida, North Texas, Southern Arizona, and Southern California.

Andre first became a Shop Steward in Local 502 and was later elected to Vice Chairman. Once completing that term, he was elected to Chairman and held the position for two terms. He was appointed to the Local 502 Executive Board while completing his second term as Chairman and then elected as President of Local 502 for now a fourth term in office. He is proud to be an International Vice President of the Transport Workers Union of America and part of the true Fighting Democratic Union for the members we serve.



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