Campaign Unit

The TWU Campaign Unit was created in 2015 by the International Administrative Committee (IAC) to help execute strategic organizing, contract, and political campaigns. The unit is managed by International Administrative Vice President and Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division Director Curtis Tate.  

Initially, the Campaign Unit took on three major campaigns: the American Airlines unity campaign, the Southwest Airlines contract campaign, and the 2016 GOTV campaign, each with different models. Today, TWU International aims to help its locals run similar campaigns, and for the Campaign Unit to create a menu of options and capacities from which locals can choose should they want to collaborate with the unit and utilize some of its expertise and resources. This reflects TWU’s ongoing commitment to move from a servicing model to an organizing model: as locals face big contract challenges, political hurdles, or internal organizing opportunities, we hope they will consider engaging with the International not just to request guidance on union administrative duties or advice on an arbitration or an appeal, but rather, to work collaboratively on developing messaging strategies, a campaign plan and calendar, metrics to measure success, communications materials, and other key elements of a successful campaign.

The unit works at the direction of the IAC on the union’s largest campaigns across every division, every local and every region, assisting with campaign identification, budgeting and strategic planning; audience and target assessment; data, metrics and information collection; organizing 101; materials generation; social, digital and traditional communication; polling, research and message development; solidarity and other actions; and legislative and political efforts. Get involved with our campaigns  on our home page to support your TWU brothers and sisters.