Convention Resolutions & Information

Every four years, as mandated by the International Constitution, TWU holds a convention to elect new officers.

The 25th Constitutional Convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada September 25–29, 2017.

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2017 TWU Election Dispute Resolution Rules and Process

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Below are the resolutions adopted at the 24th Constitutional Convention in September 2013.

Resolution 1: Empowering TWU Locals
Resolution 2: Unifying the TWU: Expanding the Work of the State Conferences
Resolution 3: On Balancing the TWU International’s Budget
Resolution 4: On Building a Fighting Organization
Resolution 5: Organizing: Growing the TWU
Resolution 6: On Uniting Service Worker Locals From Different Divisions
Resolution 9: Retirement Security Begins with Social Security
Resolution 11: Our Rights to a Safe Workplace
Resolution 12: Ending Assaults on Transit Workers
Resolution 14: Fighting Voter Suppression
Resolution 19: Full Funding for Amtrak
Resolution 21: Support Federal Transit Operating Assistance
Resolution 23: Stand Up for Workers’ Rights, Amend New York’s Taylor Law
Resolution 24: Stop Privatization
Resolution 25: Resolution in Support of Allegiant Flight Attendants
Resolution 26: Increase of Service Contract Membership
Resolution 28: Stop the Use of Bankruptcy Proceedings to Attack Workers

Proposed Resolutions Referred to the Executive Council

Resolution 7: Fixing a Broken Economy
Resolution 8: Protecting the Airline Industry’s Maintenance Craft
Resolution 10: Health Care Fairness For Women
Resolution 13: End LGBT Discrimination at Work
Resolution 15: Reaching Out to Young Workers
Resolution 16: Violence Against Women in the Workplace
Resolution 17: Immigration Reform and a Roadmap to Citizenship
Resolution 18: On Defending and Strengthening the Right to Organize
Resolution 20: Preserving 13c Transit Labor Protections
Resolution 22: Making the Commercial Drivers License Fair for All Transportation Workers
Resolution 27: True Universal Health Care