Today We Unite:

Are You Ready to Fight?

Stay tuned for more ways to get involved in the Today We Unite campaign! Check out photos on the TWU Flickr

TWU members at American Airlines have made countless sacrifices while the company continues to make record profits. We’ve been through bankruptcy, a merger, and stagnating wages.

Together, we have waged a critical internal organizing campaign at American Airlines. With your participation, the Today We Unite effort created enough on-the-ground solidarity and momentum to help our negotiating teams land an interim agreement with a significant wage increase at the bargaining table. We continue to fight for the best possible contract for all our members, but negotiations have stalled and it’s time for more action.

We have members at every station and support from across TWU’s divisions—it’s time we all speak up to demand a resolution for the outstanding contract items. Are you with us?

Show your support for the campaign at your job site in the days and weeks ahead. We’ve been taking group photos with our Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight banner to post on social media, on locals’ websites, and the International’s website to show the company just how united we are. Contact your local officers for more details.

Sign up here to join the Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight campaign, and get updates on future actions you can take to show American Airlines we stand united behind our teams at the bargaining table. When we speak with one voice, the company can hear us.

As our efforts heat up, we know we can count on you to spread the word.  

Are you a TWU member? Add your name to our list at right to get the latest news and updates about contract negotiations (Not sure of your local number? Fill in ‘American Airlines’ instead). Not a member? Sign up to stay informed on ways you can help the campaign. Either way, make sure to add your name to show you’re standing with American Airlines workers, on the ramps, in the hangars, on the shop floors, and at the bargaining table.

Thank you to all our brothers and sisters who showed up in Times Square to rally for the industry-best contract American Airlines has promised. Enough is enough, it’s time for a contract NOW!