Happy Holidays from TWU

Published 23 Dec, 2016

Brothers and Sisters:

The TWU International Administrative Committee and International staff extend to you and your families warm wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season.

This is a time for reflection and to make plans for 2017; a time to give thanks for one another, to evaluate what we accomplished, and to assess where we hope to be this time next year.

This holiday season, TWU’s leadership was able to join many of you in person, including celebrations with Local 591 in Miami, Local 1400 in New Jersey, and with other locals, at holiday gatherings around the country to reflect on the year past.

President Lombardo at Local 591

President Lombardo at Local 591 with (from left) First Vice President Gary Schaible, William Moore and President Gary Peterson.  

For TWU, 2016 was monumental. The union organized a record number of new members, bringing representation to working people in the airline, transit, and service sectors. We successfully bargained and ratified new contracts in all divisions. We increased our communications efforts because members demanded it and we listened. And we mobilized two of the largest strategic campaign efforts this union has ever seen, under the direction of the International Campaign Unit.

Your leadership is doing what was promised at the 2013 convention—bringing about change and real action. We see your commitment and enthusiasm every day and are inspired to continue making TWU the fighting, militant powerhouse our founder intended. TWU’s hope for 2017 is that we enter each battle stronger, more unified, and ready to have each other’s backs.

Thank you for your patience, your support, and your commitment to this union. May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

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