TWU Responds to President Obama's State of the Union

Published 15 Feb, 2013

The Transport Workers Union commends President Obama’s focus on rebuilding the working and middle class by investing in them so they too can prosper as the economy grows.
The working and middle class have been the back bone of this nation. They have suffered from the repercussions of tax breaks for corporations, the sending of good jobs out of this country leaving millions jobless, and working for a minimum wage that leaves them unable to meet the most basic cost of living needs.
 President Obama’s proposal to offer incentives to companies who hire Americans will allow good jobs to stay in our country and  increasing  the minimum wage to help meet cost of living needs puts working families back on track.

Too many Americans have faced job losses by companies sending their jobs out of the country. They know first hand how corporations prosper at the hand of losing their jobs.
We will continue to support legislation that invests in working families and the middle class as well as well as any efforts that will continue to keep good jobs in America.

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