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Happy Thanksgiving to TWU members and their families
From the leadership and international staff of TWU, we’d like to extend a heartfelt wish for a joyous Thanksgiving to all of our members.
We know this is the busiest travel time of the year and many of you are working on Thanksgiving Day itself to keep your fellow Americans safe as they travel to see family or head to work themselves.


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TWU Local 234 has ratified its new contract with SEPTA in Philadelphia by a healthy majority. SEPTA Chairman Pasquale Deon has approved the ratification. Local 234 President Willie Brown called the contract "a big win for our members and for SEPTA passengers."

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer story.



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Thousands of TWU Local 100 members, joined by representatives from TWU International leadership, flooded the streets of lower Manhattan Tuesday night, as the local prepares to open negotiations with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

President Lombardo at the podium in New York  
President Lombardo addresses the crowd in New York  

An estimated 7,000 members armed with signs, songs and chants made their voices heard loud and clear in front of MTA headquarters—even projecting their demands on the building itself: workplace respect and safety, wages, pensions, and enhanced training. These issues and more will be on the table as negotiations open, and Local 100 will be fighting for their members every step of the way.

But it’s not just the city and people of New York that have their eyes on this fight. When TWU International President Harry Lombardo addressed the crowd, bringing greetings from all the locals and divisions of the union, he remarked that “Every local in the TWU family is watching this fight closely. Why? Because every local in our great union, especially our TWU transit locals, is affected by the outcome of this negotiation. In fact, every transit local in the country is watching this negotiation closely.”



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The Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO joins with millions of grateful Americans in recognizing the sacrifice and commitment of our veterans of the armed forces.

On Veterans Day and every day, we are honored to count among TWU’s members thousands of veterans from all branches of the U.S. military who have protected this great nation. We thank you for your service.



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Local 100 member Louis Gray was working on the subway tracks in the early morning hours of Nov. 3 when he was struck and killed by an oncoming train as he and another member, Jeffrey Fleming, tried to jump out of the way. Fleming survived.
TWU International Executive Vice President and Local 100 President John Samuelsen said that the men were attempting one of the riskiest maneuvers that Local 100 members must undertake to define safe zones for track work. “This happened out on a curve, working in the opposite direction of train traffic, setting up the flagging lights to give motormen notice a work crew was present,” he said.


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TWU Local 234 in Philadelphia and the city’s transit agency, SEPTA, came to an agreement early this morning to end the week-long strike in that city. The five-year deal is subject to ratification by the full membership.


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Election Day is here.
TWU has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, and we want to make sure our members know their rights before they go in the voting booth this year.
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As union members, friends, and allies, we cannot sit on the sidelines while anti-labor politicians try to court union voters. It's time to take action and stand up for the rights of all union members.

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