Education and Training




April 26, 2014: TWU Local 525's grievance procedure and NLRA training workshop for Section Chairmen, held in Cocoa Beach, FL.

The Education and Training Department provides training and educational services to TWU local unions. In coordination with local union officers, the Department designs programs tailored to the needs of our locals. Training includes intensive workshops on grievance handling, arbitrations, and parliamentary procedures. In addition, the Department provides extensive new officer training as well as leadership training for seasoned officers.
We strive to provide training and resources to address all aspects of membership and leadership education, ensuring the best possible representation for TWU members. 
The AFL-CIO offers training in many areas of collective bargaining including negotiations, arbitration, organizing, and contract campaigns. Click here for further information. The International does not pay for attendance at these courses.

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July 8, 2014: TWU Local 252's education and training workshop for Shop Stewards, held in Long Island, NY.