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We organize to strengthen our union, to gain power in our industries, and to help our union family grow. We organize because, as union members, we know the importance of dignity and respect at the workplace, and we believe that every worker should have those rights. We organize because we want the best for our families and for our futures.

Join the TWU Volunteer Member Organizer Program to help bring our union message to non-union workers who want to have a voice on the job!

TWU Volunteer Member Organizers have made a real difference in countless organizing campaigns across the country. They are empowered members who play one of the most important roles in our union. Volunteers will receive all the classroom and in-the-field traning needed to become a strong leader, and are paired with experienced TWU organizers who are helpful mentors throughout the organizing experience.

"I want to be a VMO"

If you want to make a difference in workers lives while strengthening your union join us as a Volunteer Member Organizer. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted about an upcoming VMO training session. This will be an experience to be pround of and one that you and the poeple whose lives you improve will never forget!


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Meet More Volunteer Member Organizers

"Working as a VMO was a great experience for me. I was able to help others realize that better wages, benefits, and job security are attainable through a union contract. The entire labor community life benefits when we help workers fight to organize." Jackie Montgomery, Local 260

"I worked to help ramp and cargo workers organize and saw how unjustly non-union workers were treated. It was an eye opening experience that helped me gain greater respect for my own union contract. As a VMO, the greatest thing you can do is help non-union workers develop a vision of what's possible through organizing." Shae Flores, Local 513

"Becoming a VMO was one of the best decisions I've made in my life! I had the chance to give back to our union by helping to organize workers. When talking with workers, there's no more credible voice than that of a union member." Mary Middleton, Local 260

"As a VMO, I'm part of a movement that helps raise standards for non-union workers. My experience of unity and camaraderie between organizers and workers was a life changing experience. The knowledge I gained while educating others is priceless." Roosevelt Overton, Local 260

"I'm interested in building our union. As a VMO, I help workers gain the rights and respect they deserve. In return, the skills I've acquired have helped me to become a better union steward at my own Local." Loretta Sancho, Local 260

"Being a VMO, gave me the chance to share my experience of having the the union difference! Organizing gives workers an avenue to improve their lives collectively and gain a voice in the workplace. Join the fight: educate, agitate, organize." Tim Christakis Local 513