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TWU International Union Stands with Striking Members in Philadelphia

Washington, D.C. – Nearly 5,000 SEPTA workers represented by TWU Local 234 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have walked off the job and are headed to the picket lines this morning. The union members operate subways, trolleys and buses all around the city, and went on strike late last night after negotiations failed to result in an agreement. While bargaining continued past the deadline and into the night, no deal was reached and the contract has now expired.


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Can’t get tickets to Hamilton the Musical? Then check out what our first Treasury Secretary and the rest of the Founding Fathers have to say about the 2016 Election in the latest video from TWU International.
Spend time at the National Portrait Gallery and listen in as Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and Franklin discuss the state of the current presidential election and what it may mean for the future of the country they forged nearly 250 years ago.


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Local News

A number of heroic MTA/NYCT workers among TWU Local 100's ranks have been nominated for Hometown Heroes in Transit awards, which honor exceptional bus and subway workers. Who are these heroes? Among them is a group of fast-moving MTA trackmen who saved the life of a co-worker about to fall 60 feet to the street from an elevated subway line in Brooklyn, and a 90-year-old subway machinist (and World War II veteran) who makes parts for workhorse trains that were built decades ago.
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