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The TWU's storied work with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as part of the civil rights movement, was born out of our shared commitment to justice, dignity, and equal treatment for all Americans. Every year in January, the TWU honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by taking part in community service projects and engaging with our brothers and sisters from labor unions across the country at the AFL-CIO’s Civil and Human Rights Conference in San Antonio, TX.

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TWU State Conferences are the powerhouses where we supercharge our vision, know-how, and coordination. These meetings of local leadership provide a forum for our locals to pool resources, strategize, and grow a dedicated network of activists to confront regional challenges. In the four years since they first convened, our State Conferences have won critical battles and developed strong community and political ties across the country.

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Members of TWU Local 208 and Local 212 served over 4,000 union families at this December’s annual food drive at St. Stephen’s Community House in Columbus, OH. “It rained the whole day,” said Local 208 President Ron Dreyfus. “But we were doing something good. I know I didn't even feel the rain. What I felt was love from the people, the union families. They all appreciated the help that we were giving them. It might be that they could have food for three weeks easy, what we were loading there.”

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