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In a huge victory for TWU and our members covered under the Railway Labor Act (RLA), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit this week affirmed an earlier district court ruling in favor of TWU and dismissed a class action suit brought against the union.

The case, Serna vs. Transport Workers, was brought by a group of employees at Envoy Air and Southwest Airlines who were not members of TWU and objected to paying “fair share” fees, money paid by non-union members to cover the cost of collective bargaining.


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July 4, 2016
In a year more noted for its sharp political divides, it is important that we come together as a union to celebrate what ties us together at TWU and what binds us as a nation.
This weekend while we celebrate our country’s birth, TWU International President Harry Lombardo has a special message for our members, many of whom are on the job this holiday. “As we celebrate our independence, let us please remember that independence and rights as citizens under our Constitution require us to be civically responsible. We have to exercise our rights in order to preserve them and that fight goes on every single day,” says Lombardo in a video message.
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Jon Bradford is president of Transport Workers (TWU) Local 226, representing some 800 bus drivers and social service workers in New Jersey. The local is about to grow by 100 members, thanks to a successful organizing campaign by bus driver Luis Del Toro and his co-workers who work for Trans-Ed, a company that provides bus service to school districts in northern New Jersey.
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