Gaming Division Staff

Joe Carbon has been an active member of TWU for more than 29 years. He started his career with the union as a car inspector for the MTA in the New York City subway system and was very active in the union from the start.

In 1985 he was elected Chairman at the 239 Maintenance Facility and General Chairman of Car Equipment. His first union position was dealing with Contract Disputes for Local 100 nineteen years ago. This experience gave Carbon clear insight into what a strong contract can do for workers and skills that would eventually help him at the bargaining table.

Carbon became an organizer for TWU Local 100 and assisted with new organizing campaigns to help unorganized workers in New York City win a voice by becoming members of a union. After 4 years organizing, Carbon was promoted to Organizing Director of Local 100. In this position he built campaign strategies to strengthen TWU’s power in the transportation industry.

In 2002 Carbon joined the International as an organizer and had many successes, including bringing in several thousand new members. Perhaps his greatest success was in 2007 when, as the Lead Organizer for both Wynn Casino and Caesars Palace organizing drives in Las Vegas, NV, he brought over in 1200 new members into the ranks of TWU.

On January 30, 2008 Carbon was named Director of Gaming of the newly founded division. In this position, Carbon is leading contract negotiations at both properties TWU represents in Las Vegas and is working hard to organize workers at other Vegas properties as well.