Future of Aviation Advisory

The FAAC is a committee established by Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation. He has established this Federal advisory committee to provide the kind of critical and innovative thinking that will help to move our industry forward. Last November, he invited interested participants including aviation analysts and academics, representatives of airlines, airports, labor, manufacturers, general aviation and consumer groups to provide their candid views about the challenges faced by the aviation industry and to offer innovative solutions to address those challenges. 

On April 2, 2010 he announced the establishment of the “Future of Aviation Advisory Committee”.  This Committee will provide information, advice and recommendations to the Department on ensuring the competitiveness of the U.S. aviation industry and its capability to address the evolving transportation, needs, challenges and opportunities of the U.S. and global economies.

All members were appointed by the Secretary of Transportation for the duration of the term. The Advisory Committee consists of 19 members who will represent the broad spectrum of aviation stakeholders. The representation from the aviation industries organized labor groups in the USA are John Conley, TWU International Administrative Vice President, Patricia Friend APA and Ana McAhron-Schultz ALPA.

Within the FAAC, there are 5 sub-committees consisting of:

  • Aviation Safety
  • Competitiveness and Viability
  • Environment
  • Financing
  • Labor and World-Class Workforce

The Committee’s meetings will be open to the public and the committee will meet five times before December 31, 2010.

Mr. Conley sits on the Aviation Safety sub-committee.  He, along with three members from various TWU Safety Committees, recently attended the FAAC meeting in Chicago at the Boeing Company Headquarters on August 24 and 25, 2010.  Conley recommended Brad Brugger to give expert testimony on a Robust Safety Culture that highlighted the critical role of an effective Safety Management Systems (SMS) and a “Just Culture”. The ideas from that committee will be presented to the main FAAC for further discussion.

LaHood stated, “I believe that this advisory committee will play a meaningful role in the future of aviation.  I look forward to hearing the ideas and recommendations from the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee on what the government, working with industry, can accomplish.”
TWU members present were:

John Conley, TWU International Administrative Vice President j-conley@twu.org
Michael Massoni, Vice-President-Safety TWU Local 556 vicepresident-safety@twu556.org
Brad Brugger, TWU International Coordinator, Safety of Flight & Compliance bbrugger@twu.org

Jerry Yates, TWU AA System Safety Committee Chairman j-yates@twu.org

FAAC Web Link: http://www.dot.gov/faac